Founded in 1915, W.L. Tucker Supply is one of the oldest family owned, and managed companies in Cuyahoga Falls.

Originally founded by Walter Tucker in 1915 as a coal supply and delivery service, the company furnished furnace coal to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Falls, Stow and Silver Lake area. Unlike many similar coal yards of that time, W.L. Tucker Coal succeeded by building on reliable service, a ready product during lean years and a hands-on environment where both customers and employees shared common interests.

As natural gas took hold of the heating market, area coal yards either folded their tents or scrambled to develop new product markets. The end of WWII brought the area’s housing boom. Many of the outdated coal yards began manufacturing and delivering the building block, drainpipe, mortars and face brick to feed this growing market. W.L. Tucker Supply became the leader in service, product and desire for the areas building industry.

Over the past 40 years, Tucker Supply has grown to be one of the largest and most diverse suppliers of masonry, concrete, and specialty construction products and equipment, operating a delivery fleet of block trucks, Princeton unloaders, dump trucks, pickup trucks and SUV’s.